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Advertising Options

Below you will find a full explanation of all of ChooseLaw's wonderful advertising options. If for some reason that you feel that your advertising needs are not met by some combination listed below, please feel free to contact us to discuss a personalized marketing program that will best suit you.

Directory Listings
Our directory listings are organized both by locality and specialization. For example, New York lawyer specializing in divorce would not appear in the search results for an Estate & Trust lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ.

General Listings
To have your name and/or your firm included in our directory under a specific category, you would need to utilize our general listings program. Here, listings are ranked by particular specialty, thereby eliminating traffic to your firm for "divorces", should you be a "tax law" specialist, thus allowing potential clients to both narrow the focus of their search, and find the appropriate match in less time with less hassle.

Highlighted Listings
You can increase your visibility with our highlighted listings which will position you near the top of the directory listing. A highlighted directory listing has all of the benefits of the General Listing, but with added value in its placement. Being that your listing will be highlighted and positioned near the top of its area/location in the directory, this will make it more noticeable to the user.

Top of Results Listings
To really get noticed by potential clients, you can place your listing in the top results for a search conducted within your specific category and area, thereby maximizing exposure to your target audience to the fullest.

Targeted Placements on Site
Get listed in ChooseLaw outside of the Lawyer Listings by purchasing a targeted ad placement. Your advertisement campaign will appear on the site under the appropriate target category. For example, advertisements for your "divorce" practice would appear on the page containing free general divorce law information and news. These specific law categories are free to the general public in need of legal information, so you will receive maximum exposure to your product or for the services you provide.

Geo-Targeting Placements
A targeted placement for your advertisement that is further narrowed by geographic location. Your product is shown only to those viewers most likely to become clients, eliminating wasted time and resources by providing the right service to the right person at just the right time.

Audience-Specific Text Advertising
Your advertisements can be placed in an audience-specific area. For example, advertisements for internships or job availability would be placed on pages for students or law professionals, not on pages for the general public. Likewise, an advertisement for a particular product or service your firm provides for the general public would not be advertised on an area of the site written for a legal professional. This concept is perfect for a company that is seeking to advertise a product or group nationwide.

Audience-Specific Image Advertising
Further enhance your audience-specific advertising campaign with images to attract the eye of the user. Your advertisement would appear with related search results, to more quickly and easily attract potential clients for your products and services.

Content Highlighting Ads
Increase the exposure you receive by advertising within articles throughout the ChooseLaw Web site. Choose a word that is specific to your product and, as available, that word or phrase would then be linked to your site. When users read a page and see the hypertext link, they can select it to receive more information on the topic or learn more about your services.


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