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Common Mistakes Lawyers and Firms Make Creating Webpages

More often than not, many lawyers and law firms alike spend countless dollars on webpages only to find that very little new clientele if any result from them. The reason for this might not necessarily have to do with the amount of content, but actually how the content is presented to the viewer.

For instance, here are a few common flaws many law firms make in the designing of their webpages, and should be avoided to attract more new clients:

Text scrolls. Text scrolls are a big NO-NO, especially for law firms due to them being difficult to see.

Excessive use of graphics - Many webpages contain too many graphics, or graphics that serve no purpose other than for decorative purposes. When people are searching for an attorney, they're looking for facts and contact info. Try to avoid fancy graphics, or at least keep them to a minimum.

Flash Videos - Those in need of quick legal assistance, probably will not be thrilled to have to watch a preliminary video introducing your firm or accomplishments. It will just cause the viewer to go on searching for another attorney The same goes for required plug-ins and such.

Excessive Options - If you burden the viewer with too many options, he/she could become impatient and/or confused, thus skipping your site and moving on to another firms website.


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