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Divorce Doesn't Have To Hurt


Family and Divorce Legal Services in Ventura County

Seperating Can Be As Simple or As Difficult As You Make It

Divorce Legal ScaleLet's face it, when you originally set out to get married however many years ago it was, you didn't expect to be searching for a Family Attorney to get you out of your marriage. But the time has come where you and your one time better half just don't work like you did before and a legal separation or divorce is inevitable, or in each others best interest. Don't feel left out, that's for sure. Studies say that about one in every three marriages eventually ends in divorce, so you're not alone. But how you go about the separation is what matters most to you now, and if you have little ones, things can beeven more serious. Custody, visitation, and your children's well being will take an important role in the decision made by any judge in the state of California or anywhere you may call home.

We can refer you to excellent Family Attorneys in Ventura County

Mediation Counseling Should Be Your First Step At A Legal Seperation

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Although it might feel more like a business transaction, professional mediation is a common alternative to avoiding the legal ranglings which await you in court. Many couplestoday realize that legal mediation can save both parties significant anxiety, pain, and financial stress involved in a hearing and legal battle with attorneys. Professional mediated counseling is an opportunity to negotiate your needs and wants verses your spouse and to at least attempt to find a level ground where the two partiescan settle their disputes and walk away from the marriage to get on with life. Mediators then take this joint agreement in front of a judge and settle the case. Generally speaking, mediation is a much better option that talking a chance rolling the dice in front of a judge.

We can refer you to excellent Family Attorneys in Ventura County

Most States Handle Divorce Differently, While Ventura County and the State of California Most Significant

"No-fault" divorce originated in the state of California effective January 1, 1970. No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of the marriage requires neither a showing of fault (wrong doing) of either party nor any evidence at all Laws providing for no-fault divorce allow a family court to grant a divorce in response to a petition by either party to the marriage, without requiring the petitioner to provide evidence that the respondent has committed a breach of the marital contract.

Family and Divorce Legal Services in cities across Ventura County


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