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ChooseLaw is proud to be a legal resource that is used not once, but over and over again. Invariably, once a person has visited ChooseLaw, they become a return user-utilizing the resources available whenever they have a legal need. We are proud to be considered the premiere law resource on the Internet, and strive to constantly live up to and exceed our own reputation.

Our users return to ChooseLaw time and again for help finding a lawyer, to browse the latest legal news, or for help sorting through a difficult legal question. ChooseLaw is therefore a unique opportunity for marketers seeking to reach the legal community on a regular basis. The market is made even more attractive by the fact that our users are, on average, better educated and with a higher income level.

Are you interested in marketing to lawyers and other legal professionals?
Well you've come to the right place. In fact, our research shows that we have a inordinately large number of law-firm decision makers as regular users. is just the right vehicle you'll need to reach other colleagues in the legal field. With ChooseLaw you're networking potential is virtually unlimited.

Maybe you're hoping to influence the young, up-and-coming professional?
Your advertisements will be targeted directly to students and recent graduates looking to make their mark on the legal world. This also would be a good way to advertise open positions within your firm, or opportunities for internships, directly to the group you want to recruit. has the largest most updated database of law schools within the country, along with a host of resources and contact information.

Perhaps you are a lawyer looking to increase qualified client leads.
ChooseLaw's lawyer directory, forums and information center offer the general public access to the leading industry resource. You'll have the opportunity to be found at the exact moment a prospective client looks for you. In addition you will also have the ability to more subtly influence those same prospective clients and guide their research. Let Chooselaw.Com do the work for you. With, prospective clients from all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii will have the ability to locate a lawyer within their vicinity at their fingertips.

Not a lawyer, but looking need to reach potential clients at ChooseLaw?
If you are looking to reach the general public, access ChooseLaw's large viewership of non-legal professionals seeking answers to their legal questions. With free professional legal advice offered, resources, case examples, and much more you'll be pleased to know that can help get your message to those whom you seek.

So whatever your position regarding law, whether it's in the education field as either professor or student, paralegal, entrepreneur, businessman, researcher, attorney , or just an everyday citizen in search of a good lawyer, sure has a lot to offer for everyone. So, the next time you need accurate, up-to-date, and dependable legal information, or need to be directed to it, look no further than Designed for use by all, is the ultimate source for finding all things law related with ease.

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