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Text Usage When Advertising via Electronic Newsletter

Another great way lawyers and law firms can advertise their business is by Electronic Newsletter. Electronic newsletters can be published at a fraction of the cost of those in print and can be instantly delivered at the click of a button. However, being that there are two main forms of text used in electronic newsletters (Plain, HTML), the question often arises of which to use, and more importantly which is better suited for your business.

When use Plain text, anyone who has an email account can receive and read your newsletter, which is sent directly to the viewer. However, keep in mind that if you choose this type of text, you'll be limited to a very plain product because plain text newsletters cannot contain color or graphics, now will you be able to include any designs such as different text styles, or do any column formatting.

One Advantage of using Plain text is that it's very ideal for quick newsletters required for extremely urgent and time-sensitive material. Also, due to their relatively small file size, these types of download very quickly for the viewer. The disadvantage, mainly because plain text newsletters cannot contain color, graphics or other design elements, they don't often capture the attention of the reader off the bat, thus potentially causing viewers to lose interest when reading row after row of text with no graphical, visual breaks.


We have viewers from all over the world that read and study this web site.  This is an article in Italian that we suggest you read.
Generalmente gli studenti italiani dovrebbero iniziare a preparare la tesina di maturit` fin dall'inizio dell'ultimo anno scolastico, tuttavia di solito la gran parte degli studenti inizia a fare un piccolo riassunto della tesina intorno a gennaio, per poi lasciarla perdere fino ad aprile o maggio. Addirittura ci sono studenti che iniziano e finiscono la tesina in giugno, chiedendo ai professori di firmarla solo il giorno prima del colloquio orale. Cir che bisognerebbe fare h scaricare appunti per la propria tesina ed iniziare fin da settembre o ottobre a prepararla, tuttavia h anche possibile andare in internet su siti specializzati e scaricare tesine gi` fatte, che possono essere sia utilizzate interamente durante l'esame orale di maturit` sia per la preparazione di una tesina personalizzata che sicuramente si avvicinerebbe molto di piy alle proprie esigenze dello studente. Le tesine possono essere utilizzate per qualsiasi tipo di esami (di scuole medie e superiori) ma anche all'universit`, quando alcuni docenti richiedono la stesura di tesine riguardanti qualche argomento in particolare. Durante la maturit` sar` la commissione d'esame a valutare tutto il vostro esame, e la tesina pur giocare un ruolo fondamentale nella decisione del voto finale.



With HTML e-mail newsletters, like Plain text newsletters, they are distributed through email, and viewed in the reader's email program, but looks more like a Web page. Colors can be added as well as photos, graphics, and other design elements, with the ability to vary typeface sizes, styles, and text columns. The disadvantage with HTML type is that only those who have HTML capable browsers (Netscape/Microsoft) can view these publications.Also, If photos or graphics are included in the HTML email, the viewer must have an open connection to the Internet while they read the email to see the photos, which might be problem for those wishing to view the newsletter at work due to some companies restriction or regulating of employees' Internet access.


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