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The Key To Successful Banner Ads

Using banners to advertise via the internet is an excellent means to attract new clients, providing they are created properly. The key to creating a properly designed banner is to try to provide as much information about yourself or your firm, in as few words as possible. The reason being is that effective banners are usually the ones that are created using 150 characters or less. As an attorney, you might be asking "How can I advertise myself to the or my firm to the fullest in such brevity?". That's the whole point. Someone who can advertise using the most specific and descriptive words, is someone who will catch the readers attention, thus setting himself/herself apart from the rest and ensure more responses from potential clients.

Here are a few things to remember when creating your banner for advertisement:

1. Be specific, using very descriptive words.

2. Personalize your ad. Personalizing your ad can have a direct and powerful impact. Remember that someone who contacts a lawyer, is likely doing it because the legal matter is serious enough to do so, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered. Serious problems are personal, so try to direct your appeal to their situation. (Examples: "Helping to recover for families and loved ones...", "fighting for justice of victims...", "compensation due to someone else's negligence..." )

3. Include a “call to action.” “Call to action” is an advertising term that means just what it says. “Know your rights.” “Contact us today.”

4. Don't' use too many caps. Over capitalization, meant to place emphasis can have a negative impact on viewers. Use it only briefly for words that you want to standout Example: Personal Injury, Negligence, Accidents, etc.) but don't overdo it.

5. Be clear, concise, and brief but not cryptic. Avoid abbreviations and legal jargon when unnecessary. Remember, if the banner is too confusing or the reader doesn't know the meaning of a particular word, he/she is not going to run off to get a dictionary and then come back to your ad. They'll just move on to another.

6. Include law firm slogan or statement that will catch the reader's attention (Ex. "ABC Lawfirm: Protecting the right of citizens since...", XYZ Lawyers: We're on your side...")

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Please check back often as proper Internet marketing and advertising requires constant weekly or monthly updates.


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